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Hey Everyone! My name is Ariel, no I don’t live under the sea or have a fish tail, although that would be pretty cool!

I am a Colorado native currently residing in Northeastern Ohio with my husband, three growing boys, 4 dogs, 2 cats and many chickens! Our boys keep us on our toes with band, orchestra, soccer, swimming, track and just being kids! I love traveling, reading, eating, spending time with friends and family, with the occasional card or board game, and enjoy helping others feel amazing about themselves.

In 2013 I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer and had a total thyroid removal, because of this tanning in the sun and exposing myself to the harmful rays is just not something I am willing to risk. Globody has given me the ability to get that sun kissed glo back safely.

With GloBody, meeting new people is just the beginning of this amazing journey! I now have the ability to help clients with their self confidence, by helping to enhance their external appearance to match their internal! They also feel amazing while they travel, attend a formal or function, or just because they love tan lines as much as the next person! GloBody is empowering me to be able to help others get their Glo’ on without increasing their risk of exposure to harmful rays.

I have the ability to help the competition community; body builders, CrossFit, dancers, gymnasts or cheer squads be ready for their next event or meet! It’s an wonderful opportunity to be involved and a part of something bigger.

GloBody is sunless tanning inspired by nature, with organic, paraben FREE, Cruelty & Vegan friendly ingredients and I’m confident putting these products on my body and clients for that sun kissed Glo’ without the risk!


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